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    John 3:16
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    • The Eucharist
      on Wed 23rd January 2019 11:00am
      at St James' Church, Mallow
    • Morning Prayer & Children’s Jigsaw Club
      on Sun 27th January 2019 10:00am
      at St Mary's Church, Doneraile
    • The Eucharist
      on Sun 27th January 2019 10:00am
      at St Mary's Church, Castletownroche
    • Jig Saw Club
      on Sun 27th January 2019 11:30am
      at St James' Church Hall, Mallow
    • Morning Prayer & Children’s JigsawClub
      on Sun 27th January 2019 11:45am
      at St James' Church, Mallow
    • The Eucharist
      on Wed 30th January 2019 11:00am
      at St James' Church, Mallow
    • Morning Prayer
      on Sun 3rd February 2019 10:00am
      at St Mary's Church, Castletownroche
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Newsletter – May 2017

Mallow Union Newsletter
St. James’ Mallow, St. Mary’s Doneraile, St. Mary’s

May 2017
Rector: Canon Eithne Lynch
022/21473 or 086/2535002
Email: mallowunion@eircom.net
Website: www.mallow.cork.anglican.org
Lay Readers: Avril Gubbins 022/24267
Emmanuel Adebisi 022/20477


Easter Services
We started our Easter Services on Wednesday 12th April in Mallow at
11am and Doneraile at 8pm. Then on Maundy Thursday we had a service
in Castletownroche at 8pm with the washing of feet (thanks to our three
volunteers) and the stripping of the Holy Table. Then Good Friday
afternoon we had Zigsaw Club with cooking, card making, story time,
singing and making the Easter Garden. We had the Childrens service at
4pm. Then after the service we had an Easter egg hunt (unfortunately
indoors because of the weather). Thanks to all involved with this
afternoon. On Good Friday night we had service in Mallow at 8pm.
Easter Saturday we had the Easter Vigil in Castletownroche at 9pm and
our two services on Easter Sunday morning Holy Communion in
Doneraile at 10am and Mallow at 11.45am.
Thanks to everyone who decorated and cleaned the churches for Easter
and provided the music and anyone else who helped in anyway to make
these services so special.
Easter Vestry
Thanks to all the outgoing members of the Select Vestry.
Our Rectors Wardens for the coming year are as follows: Jean Gardiner
(Doneraile) Diana Buckley (Castletownroche) and Ruth Sherlock
(Mallow) Glebewarden Andrew Gardiner. Peoples wardens: Chris Bond
(Mallow) Ellen Buckley (Doneraile) and Myrtle Forde (Castletownroche).
The other members of the Vestry are Aoife Ladd, Emma Brennan, Susan
Brennan, Avril Gubbins, John Gardiner, Jackie Nagle, Victor Wolfe, Linda
Deane, Hazel Ladd, Gladys Sherlock, John Nagle and Ina Lillis.
Our Nominators are: Susan Buckley, Victor Wolfe, Susan Brennan and
John Gardiner. Supplementals: Avril Gubbins, Linda Deane, Robert
Gardiner and Emma Brennan.
Our Synodspeople are: Ina Lillis, Richard Lynch, Chris Bond, Victor
Wolfe and Linda Deane. Supplementals: Emmanuel Adebisi, Victoria
Wolfe, Susan Buckley, Anthony Huggins and Maurice Clancy.
On Wednesday 12th April Lismore MU ladies invited us to join them on
their prayer walk. 11 members travelled to Lismore Castle Gardens where
we enjoyed a lovely social afternoon. Prayers were lead by Canon Tom
Sherlock and we had tea in the Castle afterwards.
We meet on Wednesday 19th April in St. James’ Hall Mallow and our
speaker was Canon Eithne. She spoke on Job’s wife and it was very
interesting to hear about her. Also Shirley Wolfe showed us her lovely
patchwork that she has made. We thank both of these ladies for their time.
Last Saturday 2 members went to Bandon to a Council meeting.
On Wednesday 10th May the Fermoy MU members have invited us to join
them at Carmel’s Garden Centre Kilworth at 8pm. Theme is Gardening
for all. This is open to all.
Diocesan Festival Service is on Saturday 20th May in Carrigaline
Church at 2pm. Mrs. Phyllis Grothier our All Ireland President will do a
short walk before the service as part of pilgrim way MU 130 years in
We will have Bishop Andrew Proud the MU Central Chaplain at the
service. Everyone welcome to attend this service.
MU outing will be on Saturday 1st July. This is open to all in the parish.
Venue, price and times in next newsletter.
Thanks for everyones support during the year.
We wish to express our sympathy to Lena Young Husband and family on
the death of her husband Bill recently. To Olive Kingston on the death of
her brother in law Ronnie Kingston. To Manuela Guljajew and family on
the death of her father in Germany. To David and Linda Deane and family
on the death of David’s father.
Lay Assistants
Thanks to Susan Buckley and Hazel Ladd for allowing their names to go
forward as lay assistants of Holy Communion. They were commissioned
on Sunday 22nd April in Castletownroche and to Kathleen Foott, Ruth
Sherlock and Chris Bond (Mallow), Linda Deane, Jackie Nagle and Ina
Lillis (Doneraile) who were commissioned in Mallow on Sunday 29th

Congratulations to Ben and Susan Buckley on celebrating their Golden
Wedding Anniversary recently.
Ben and Susan Buckley with their family
outside the church in which they were married 50 years ago.


Blackwater Social Club
(Mallow and Fermoy Unions)
“Ice Cream Sunday”
In Aid Of
Down Syndrome Ireland
CUH Charity
BBQ Lunch: 1pm – 2.30pm
followed by Games and Ice Cream
Sunday 28 th May 2017
At The Home of
Mark & Diana Buckley,
Bridgetown, Castletownroche,
Mallow, Co. Cork.

For Further Details Contact: Diana Buckley – 022 26341 or 086 1547810
Primary and Secondary School Children: €6 Adults: €12
Directions to Buckleys:
In Castletownroche at The Rockforest Bar and the Community Hall turn right
coming from Mallow and left coming from Fermoy (Sign for Bridgetown Abbey).
Travel for 1 mile until you get to crossroads and go straight through. Pass 3 houses
on left, pass turn down for Abbey on left, pass one farm on left and 2 houses on
right and pass road to right come down around the corner and pass 1 house and it is
the next farm on right. It is about 3/4mile from crossroads.

Report from Easter Vestry 6/4/2017
Attendanace and apologies were noted on the attendance book. Thanks
was expressed to our Tresurer John Nagle for the accounts and Jackie
Nagle for auditing them. Also thanks to the Maintenace treaurers for their
The Rector gave her report. Thanks to Avril and Emmanuel our Lay
readers, Susan Buckley our parish readers and Rev Tom Sherlock for
filling in while away.
Thanks to the outgoing glebewardens, churchwardens and vestry
members. Thanks to our organists and John for playing the CD’s in
Mallow. Thanks to our secretary Linda Deane and our Treasurer John
Nagle. Thanks to everyone for keeping the churches in tip top order and
the graveyards and also to the people who keep the linen so well. Thanks
to all those who organise the fundraising. The Christmas concert in
Mallow a special thank you to Susan Brennan and the High Hopes
concert. To Ina Lillis and the back up team for the concert in Doneraile
and to all who organise the Fete.
We had 2 Baptisms, 4 Confirmed, 2 Marriages, 6 funerals in the parish
during the year.
The elections took place. (the list of people is on page 1 of newsletter).
Any other business: Billy Buckley thanked everyone for their support
during Olive’s illness and funeral.
The Fete was arranged for 12th August (note 19th August now), Concert is
the 8th December. The meeting closed with tea.
A Short meeting after the Easter vestry Linda Deane was elected secretary
and Jackie Nagle Treasurer and John Nagle Assistant Treasurer.
Next meeting arranged for the 27th April at 8pm.

Report of Vestry meeting 27/4/2017
Correspondence – Mourneabbey ladies are using Mallow Church on the 4th
August for the Celtic Tenors Concert.
Finances – At present we are just about breaking even with the Income
and Expenditure.
Rectory – Trees have been removed by the boundary. The fence must now
be replaced. Gravel has been put on driveway.
St. James’ Church, Mallow – Drombrook to come back and finish painting
and clean chutes.
St. Mary’s Church, Castletownroche – light on in church at night to see if
we can keep bats to one part of church.
St. Mary’s Church Doneraile – new Fas man starting next week. It was
decided to ask Drombrook to look at the peeling wall over St. Leger Door
and check chutes.
Renewal Group – last meet in February and looking into doing something
with confirmation candidates.
Safeguarding Trust – no reports
Health and Safety – nothing to report
Fete – Date has been changed to 19th August Committee elected Jackie
Nagle, Linda Deane, Ruth Sherlock, James Ladd, Richard Lynch, Canon
Eithne Lynch and Diana Buckley.
Any other business – Whether the gate of St. James’ Church should be
locked or not was discussed.
Date of next meeting 22nd June at 8pm

There will be H.C. in St. James’, Mallow on Wednesday mornings 11am
Wednesday 10th May Bible Study Group Mallow 7pm-8.30pm
Wednesday 10th May MU Carmel Garden Centre Kilworth 8pm
Wednesday 17th May Bible Study Group Mallow 7pm-8.30pm
Thursday 18th May Confirmation Class in Rectory 7-8pm
Thursday 18th May Fete Committee Meeting in Rectory 8pm
Saturday 20th May MU Diocesan Service Carrigaline 2pm
Sunday 21st May Ecumenical Service Mercy Centre Charleville 7.30pm
Wednesday 24th May Bible Study Group Mallow 7pm-8.30pm
Thursday 25th May Confirmation Class in Rectory 7-8pm
Sunday 28th May BBQ and Ice-cream Sunday at Mark and Diana
Buckley’s, Bridgetown, Castletownroche lunch 1pm to 2.30pm
Wednesday 31st May Bible Study Group Mallow 7pm-8.30pm

Sunday 18th June Confirmation in St. Mary’s Church, Doneraile
Thursday 22nd June Select Vestry meeting in St. James’ Hall at 8pm
Saturday 1st July MU Outing (Venue in next newsletter)
Friday 4th August Mourneabbey ladies Concert Celtic Tenors St. James
Saturday 19th August Parish Fete on the grounds of St. James’ Church



7th May ( 4th Sunday of Easter) White
Act 2: 42-47 Psalm 23 1 Peter 2: 19-25 John 10: 1-10
Castletownroche 10am M.P.
Doneraile 10am H.C.
Mallow 11.45am H.C.

14th May (5th Sunday of Easter) White
Acts 7: 55-60 Psalm 31: 1-5, 15-16 1 Peter 2: 2-10 John 14: 1-14
Castletownroche 10am Family Service
Doneraile 10am Family Service
Mallow 11.45am Family Service

21st May (6th Sunday of Easter) White
Acts 17: 22-31 Psalm 66: 7-18 1 Peter 3: 13-22 John 14: 15-21
Castletownroche 10am M.P.
Doneraile 10am H.C.
Mallow 11.45am H.C.

28th May (7th Sunday of Easter) White
Acts 1: 6-14 Psalm 68: 1-10, 32-35 1 Peter 4: 12-14; 5: 6-11 John 17: 1-11
Castletownroche 10am H.C.
Doneraile 10am M.P.
Mallow 11.45am M.P.

4th June ( The day of Pentecost) (Whit Sunday) Red
Acts 2: 1-21 Psalm 104: 26-36, 37b 1 Corinthians 12: 3b-13 John 20: 19-23
Castletownroche 10am M.P.
Doneraile 10am H.C.
Mallow 11.45am H.C.

If you have anything to put in the June magazine please give to Diana before Friday 14th May
and for the June Newsletter please give to Diana before Wednesday 31st May. Email:
dianabuckley@eircom.net or mobile 086/1547810 or address Bridgetown, Castletownroche.
Sunday 30th April 2017

Lay Assistants Commissioned

Kathleen Foott, Ina Lillis, Ruth Sherlock, Susan Buckley,
Chris Bond, Jackie Nagle, Linda Deane and Hazel Ladd.