• I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die.

    John 11:25-26
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    • The Eucharist
      on Wed 21st November 2018 11:00am
      at St James' Church, Mallow
    • Morning Prayer & Children’s Jigsaw Club
      on Sun 25th November 2018 10:00am
      at St Mary's Church, Doneraile
    • The Eucharist
      on Sun 25th November 2018 10:00am
      at St Mary's Church, Castletownroche
    • Jig Saw Club
      on Sun 25th November 2018 11:30am
      at St James' Church Hall, Mallow
    • Morning Prayer & Children’s JigsawClub
      on Sun 25th November 2018 11:45am
      at St James' Church, Mallow
    • The Eucharist
      on Wed 28th November 2018 11:00am
      at St James' Church, Mallow
    • Morning Prayer
      on Sun 2nd December 2018 10:00am
      at St Mary's Church, Castletownroche
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Newsletter – December 2017

Mallow Union Newsletter

St. James’ Mallow, St. Mary’s Doneraile, St. Mary’s Castletownroche

December 2017

Rector: Canon Eithne Lynch

022/21473 or 086/2535002

Email: mallowunion@eircom.net

Website: www.mallow.cork.anglican.org

Lay Readers: Avril Gubbins 022/24267

Emmanuel Adebisi 022/20477

We wish to take this opportunity to wish all our readers and parishioners a Peaceful and Happy Christmas.

As we write these notes we are looking forward to our Annual Christmas Concert on Friday the 8th December. Last year the tickets sold out three weeks before the concert this year all the tickets were gone a month before the concert. It is great the event is so popular. As usual we have a great line up of entertainers and many people regard this as the start of “Christmas” for them. Thanks to everyone who organised and helped with this event in anyway.
Our first Carol Service is in St. James’ Church on Sunday the 10th December at 7.30pm.  Castletownroche is on Sunday 17th December at 3pm. Collection is for Cork Simon.  Doneraile is a United Service on Sunday 31st December at 3pm. Collection is for  Christian Aid. Christmas Eve Services are Mallow 8pm and Doneraile 11.30pm and Christmas Day Castletownroche 10am and Mallow 11.45am.

On Saturday 11th November some members went to the Council meeting in Northridge House (St Luke’s Home). Thanks to our all Ireland President Mrs. Phyllis Grothier for joining us on the day where she planted a tree to mark the 130 year anniversary of MU in Ireland. Also our Chaplain Revd. Isabel Jackson for midday prayers. Each rep spoke on their section which gives an insight into the work that is being done by Mothers’ Union. Thanks to everyone involved.
On November 15th we held our Christmas evening. We thank Valerie Gardiner for coming and giving a display on how to use sugar craft. She gave us lots of ideas for decorating our Christmas cakes. Also on the night Hazel Sherlock shared another idea for Christmas using old wellingtons decorated and filled with flowers. A good way to recycle old children’s wellingtons. To finish our evening Hazel did a bit of fun on
making a cake which had everyone in fits of laughter. Thanks to the two ladies for making the evening so special. All thanks to the ladies who brought cakes for the tea and anyone who helped during the year.
Our Christmas Meal was on Wednesday the 29th November in the Wild Goose Restaurant Mallow. Thanks to everyone for joining us on the night and to the staff of the Wild Goose for a super meal.

Happy Christmas from Mothers’ Union.

Rural Dean

The Rural Dean came to inspect our buildings just after storm Ophelia. We were delighted that all our buildings were still intact but St. Mary’s Church Castletownroche could only be accessed by climbing over a fallen tree. We had to leave the church closed for two Sundays while we waited for a tree surgeon to deal with the problem.

Revd. Anne Skuce

Many congratulations to Revd. Anne Skuce who was commissioned as Chaplain to Bandon Grammar School. She will be sadly missed in Moviddy and in her hospital chaplaincy work but she will be greatly appreciated in Bandon Grammar School.


We were delighted to meet Sadie Juliette Lysaght Healy who came to be baptised in St. Mary’s Church Doneraile recently. She is a daughter of Donal and Catriona. Her big sisters Tessa and Libby were there to support her.

Poppy Collection

Maria Nagle would like to thank everyone for helping with the collections for the Poppy Fund. A total of €200 was collected in the three churches. Thanks everyone.

St. John’s Christmas Bazaar was held on Sunday 26th November at 3pm in Buttevant.  Thanks to all who supported this. There was a great atmosphere there.

Jig Saw Club

At time of writing all those leaders involved with Jig Saw club for children were preparing for their afternoon on Saturday 9th December 2017 in the St. James Hall Mallow from 2pm to 5pm. Thanks to all involved in this.

Carol Service

Kingston College Carol Service is on Wednesday 13th December 7.30pm in Mitchelstown.

Children’s Christmas Party

This year our records show that it will be the 40th Children’s Christmas party in the parish. So please make it one to remember. It will be on Friday 29th December at 3pm in St. James’ Hall Mallow. For further information contact the Rector or Diana Buckley 086/1547810.  (Now changed to the 28th December)


We extend our sympathy to Ina Lillis and her family on the tragic death of her nephew, Jonathan (Jack) Hanbidge in a road traffic accident in Canada, where he had lived for many years. Jonathan was originally from Ina’s home place of Carbury, Co. Kildare. Also we sympathise with Ina on the death of her aunt Kay Hanbidge who died a few days after her nephew. Sympathy also to Olive Shallow on the death of her husband, Jerry.


Anyone who is interested in being confirmed in the coming year please give you name to the Rector as soon as possible. There will be a confirmation morning in Cork on Saturday 3rd March with Bishop Paul Colton.

Concert in St. James’ Church, Mallow

There will be a Concert in St. James’ Church Mallow on Monday 22nd January.

E.T.B. Schools in the North Cork area in conjunction with the Cork School of Music, will perform in St. James Church in Mallow at 7.30pm. We look forward to hearing what music the students will bring to us that night.

St. Mary’s Church, Doneraile

A Concert in aid of the building maintenance fund will be held in St. Mary’s Church Doneraile on Friday 9th February at 8pm.

World Day of Prayer

The World Day of Prayer service for this parish will be in St. Joseph The Worker’s church, Hazelwood, Mallow at 8.15pm on Friday 2nd March 2018.


There will be H.C. in St. James’, Mallow on Wednesday mornings 11am

Friday 8th December
Saturday 9th December
Sunday 10th December
Wednesday 13th December
Wednesday 13th December
Wednesday 20th December
Sunday 17th December
Sunday 17th December
Sunday 24th December
Sunday 24th December
Sunday 24th December
Monday 25th December
Monday 25th December
Sunday 31st December


Sunday 21st January
Monday 22nd January
Friday 9th February
Friday 2nd March
Saturday 3rd March

Christmas Concert in St. James’ Church, Mallow
Jig Saw Club in St. James’ Hall 2pm – 5pm
Mallow Carol Service 7.30pm
Kingston College Carol Service Mitchelstown 7.30pm
Bible Study Group Mallow 7pm-8.30pm
Bible Study Group Mallow 7pm-8.30pm
Castletownroche 3pm Cork Simon
Ecumenical Service Mercy Centre Charleville 7.30pm
Castletownroche 10am
Mallow Christmas Eve 8pm
Doneraile Christmas Eve 11.30pm
Castletownroche Christmas Day 10am
Mallow Christmas Day 11.45am
Doneraile United Carol Service 3pm Christian Aid

Ecumenical Service Mercy Centre Charleville 7.30pm
ETB Concert in St. James’ Church Mallow 7.30pm
Concert in St. Mary’s Church Doneraile 8pm
World Day of Prayer in Hazelwood Church 8.15pm
Confirmation Morning with Bishop Paul Colton


3rd December (1st Sunday of Advent) Violet

Isaiah 64: 1-9 Psalm 80, 1-8, 18-20 1 Corinthians 1: 3-9 Mark 13: 24-37

Castletownroche    10am          M.P.
Doneraile                 10am          H.C.
Mallow                      11.45am    H.C.

10th December (2nd Sunday of Advent) Violet

Isaiah 40: 1-11 Psalm 85: 1-2, 8-13 2 Peter 3: 8-15a Mark 1: 1-8

Castletownroche 10am H.C. & Family Service
Doneraile 10am Family Service
Mallow 7.30pm Carol Service

17th December (3rd Sunday of Advent) Violet

Isaiah 61: 1-4, 8-11 Psalm 126 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-24 John 1: 6-8, 19-28

Doneraile 10am H.C.
Mallow 11.45am H.C.
Castletownroche 3pm Carol Service

24th December (4th Sunday of Advent) Violet

2 Samuel 7: 1-11, 16 Magnificat or Psalm 89: 1-4, 19-26 Romans 16: 25-27
Luke 1: 26-38
Castletownroche 10am H.C.

24th December (Christmas Eve) White or Gold

Mallow 8pm H.C.
Doneraile 11.30pm H.C.

25th December (Christmas Day) White or Gold

Isaiah 62: 6-12 Psalm 97 Titus 3: 4-7 Luke 2: (1-7), 8-20

Castletownroche 10am H.C.
Mallow 11.45am H.C.

31st December (1st Sunday of Christmas) White or Gold

United Carol Service in Doneraile 3pm

7th January (1st Sunday of Ephiphany) White

Isaiah 60: 1-6 Psalm 72: 1-7, 10-15 Ephesians 3: 1-12 Matthew 1: 1-12

Castletownroche 10am M.P.
Doneraile 10am H.C.
Mallow 11.45am H.C.

If you have anything to put in the February magazine please give to Diana before Sunday 14th January
and for the January Newsletter please give to Diana before Wednesday 3rd January. Email:
dianabuckley@eircom.net or mobile 086/1547810 or address Bridgetown, Castletownroche.