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    Charlotte Bronte
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    • United Service followed by Pot Luck lunch for Canon Eithne’s retirement
      on Sun 25th August 2019 11:00am
      at St James' Church, Mallow
    • Morning Prayer
      on Sun 1st September 2019 10:00am
      at St Mary's Church, Castletownroche
    • The Eucharist
      on Sun 1st September 2019 10:00am
      at St Mary's Church, Doneraile
    • The Eucharist
      on Sun 1st September 2019 11:45am
      at St James' Church, Mallow
    • Family Service
      on Sun 8th September 2019 10:00am
      at St Mary's Church, Castletownroche
    • Family Service
      on Sun 8th September 2019 10:00am
      at St Mary's Church, Doneraile
    • Family Service
      on Sun 8th September 2019 11:45am
      at St James' Church, Mallow
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Newsletter – March 2018

Mallow Union Newsletter
St. James’ Mallow, St. Mary’s Doneraile, St. Mary’s Castletownroche

March 2018
Rector: Canon Eithne Lynch
022/21473 or 086/2535002
Email: mallowunion@eircom.net
Website: www.mallow.cork.anglican.org
Facebook: Mallow Union of Parishes
Lay Readers: Avril Gubbins 022/24267
Emmanuel Adebisi 022/20477

St. Mary’s Church Doneraile Concert
The Annual Concert in aid of the Building Maintenance Fund was held on Friday 9th February 2018 at 8 pm in St. Mary’s Church, Doneraile. Thanks to all the entertainers. A great night was had by all. Thanks to Ina Lillis and the team for all the work they put into this to make it such a success.

Mothers Union
Our last meeting was held on Thursday 22nd February. Bernadette McMahon gave a very interesting talk on the work with the homeless group which she is involved in “Homeless Help and Support Cork”. Leading on from that there will be a box in each of the three churches if anyone would like to put items in it for the homeless people.  There is a list available to show what items are suitable.
Prayer Walk
On Wednesday March 28th at 3pm Lismore MU have invited us to join them on their prayer walk. This year it will take place in Cappaquin gardens. Mrs. Avril Jennings will lead the prayer walk. Afterwards refreshments will be served costing €10.  Anyone interested in going please let Ruth Sherlock know for numbers 086/1588719.  Thank You.

Jigsaw Club
Our next Saturday Jigsaw club is on Saturday 10th March in the hall beginning at 2pm. We look forward to seeing you. Other Saturday dates until the summer are 31st March, 5th May and 6th June.
Jigsaw Club meets in St Mary’s Doneraile and in St. James’ Mallow each month on some Sundays and Saturdays. Please see Ina Lillis or Chris Bond for details of meeting times. If you are musical and play an instrument and would be interested in helping with Jigsaw club on a Saturday please contact Chris to discuss.

St. James’ Church Mallow
Thanks to all who supported the Hallelujah Concert in St. James’ Church Mallow with Pamela Muganwa on Friday 23rd February 2018 at 7.30pm.
The next Concert will be on Friday 9th March, featuring St Nicholas’ Brass Band, Cork, Sing Your Heart Out Choir, Carmel Breen & Friends and Pamela Muganwa. Proceeds will be divided between Mallow Day Care Centre and St James’ Church.  Thanks to Susan Brennan who is chief concert organiser.

World Day of Prayer
World Day of Prayer will be held in St. Joseph The Worker’s church, Hazelwood, Mallow at 8.00pm on Thursday 8th March 2018.

We extend our sympathy to the family and friends of Joyce Barber who died at the age of 94 and was buried on February 18th in St. John’s Churchyard, Buttevant.  The ashes of her son Nicholas, who had died in a road accident in Australia when he was only 22, were buried with her.

Vestry Notes from meeting 18/1/2018
The list of Vestry members was revised with 4 taken off and 1 added on.
Thanks to Avril and Emmanuel for taking the services on Sunday 11th February.
We were given €200 from the ETB schools who used the church for the concert.
Finances – Jackie gave us the accounts for the year ended 31/12/2017 which were adopted by the vestry and she gave us the up to date position.
Rectory – Shower is sorted and the flat roof is to be sorted.
St. James Church, Mallow – Shuts cleaned, pipes to be done window looked at and the ceiling in the church is to be finished
St. Mary’s Church, Castletownroche – Heating seems to be OK again. Leak in the hall all the time in wet weather we are to get Drombrook to have a look at it.
St. Mary’s Church, Doneraile – Flag stone fixed, Shuts cleaned, another radiator is leaking quotations are to be got for painting windows.
Renewal group – nothing to report
Safeguarding Trust – nothing to report
Health and Safety – nothing to report. Ellen Winter is to get on to Council to seeabout cleaning up Ballyclough graveyard.
Rectors Business – North Cork Classical Music group want to use St. James’ Church for a Concert on the 7th October at 3pm.
Prices of posters for gates for each of the three churches to be got.
World Day of prayer on Thursday 1st March in Hazelwood Church (Now 8th March at 8pm)
Youth officer is to come and talk to Rector some time.
Fete Date 11th August 2018.

There will be H.C. in St. James’, Mallow on Wednesday mornings 11am

Wednesday 7th March          Lent Service Mallow 11am
                                                   Bible Study Group Hall 7pm-8.30pm
                                                   Lent Service Castletownroche 8pm
Thursday 8th March             World Day of Prayer in Hazelwood Church 8.00pm
Friday 9th March                  Concert in St. James’ Church Mallow 7.30pm
Saturday 10th March           Jigsaw Club in St. James Hall 2pm
Wednesday 14th March       Lent Service Mallow 11am
                                                  Bible Study Group Hall 7pm-8.30pm
                                                  Lent Service Doneraile 8pm
Saturday 17th March           St. Patrick’s Day H.C. St. James Church 12noon
Sunday 18th March             Ecumenical Service Mercy Centre Charleville 7.30pm
Wednesday 21st March      Lent Service Mallow 11am
                                                 Bible Study Group Hall 7pm-8.30pm
                                                 Lent Service Castletownroche 8pm
Thursday 22nd March       Easter Vestry in St. James’ Hall 8pm
Wednesday 28th March    Lent Service Mallow 11am
                                                 MU prayer Walk in Cappoquin Gardens
                                                 Bible Study Group Hall 7pm-8.30pm
                                                 Lent Service Doneraile 8pm
Thursday 29th March        Maundy Thursday Service Ross Cathedral 12 noon
                                                 and Castletownroche 8pm
Friday 30th March             Children’s Good Friday Service at 12noon in
                                                St. James’ Church followed by Easter Egg Hunt
                                               Good Friday Service St. James’ Church 8pm
Saturday 31st March        Jigsaw Club in St. James’ Hall 2pm
Saturday 31st March        Easter Vigil in Castletownroche 9pm
Sunday 1st April               Easter Sunday Doneraile 10am
                                             Easter Sunday Mallow 11.45am

Saturday 21st April          Bishop’s Confirmation Morning, Douglas
Sunday 17th June             Confirmation Service
Saturday 11th August      Fete on the grounds of St. James’ Church Mallow


4th March (3rd Sunday in Lent) Violet
Exodus 20: 1-17 Psalm 19 1 Corinthians 1: 18-25 John 2: 13-22

Castletownroche   10am M.P.
Doneraile                10am H.C.
Mallow                    11.45am H.C.

11th March (4th Sunday in Lent) Violet
Numbers 21: 4-9 Psalm 107: 1-3, 17-22 Ephesians 2: 1-10 John 3: 14-21

Castletownroche   10am Family Service & H.C.
Doneraile               10am Family Service
Mallow                   10am Family Service

18th March ( 5th Sunday in Lent) Violet
Jeremiah 31: 31-34 Psalm 51: 1-13 Hebrews 5: 5-10 John 12: 20-33

Castletownroche   10am M.P.
Doneraile               10am H.C.
Mallow                   11.45am H.C.

25th March (6th Sunday in Lent) Palm Sunday Red
Isaiah 50: 4-9a Psalm 31: 9-16 Philippians 2: 5-11 Mark 14: 1-15: 47

Castletownroche   10am H.C.
Doneraile               10am M.P.
Mallow                   11.45am M.P.

31st March (Easter Vigil) White
Castletownroche    9pm H.C.

1st April (1st Sunday of Easter) Easter Day White
Acts 10:34-43 Psalm 118:1-2,14-24 1Corinthians 15:1-11 John 20:1-18
Doneraile      10am H.C.
Mallow          11.45am H.C.

If you have anything to put in the April magazine please give to Diana before Wednesday 14th March and for the April Newsletter please give to Diana before Wednesday 28th March.  Email: dianabuckley@eircom.net or mobile 086/1547810 or address Bridgetown, Castletownroche.