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    • Morning Prayer
      on Sun 9th August 2020 10:00am
      at St Mary's Church, Doneraile
    • The Eucharist
      on Sun 9th August 2020 10:00am
      at St Mary's Church, Castletownroche
    • Morning Prayer
      on Sun 9th August 2020 11:45am
      at St James' Church, Mallow
    • Morning Prayer
      on Sun 16th August 2020 10:00am
      at St Mary's Church, Castletownroche
    • The Eucharist
      on Sun 16th August 2020 10:00am
      at St Mary's Church, Doneraile
    • The Eucharist
      on Sun 16th August 2020 11:45am
      at St James' Church, Mallow
    • Morning Prayer
      on Sun 23rd August 2020 10:00am
      at St Mary's Church, Doneraile
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Churches opening on Sunday the 4th July

Mallow Union of Parishes
Mallow Doneraile Castletownroche
29th June2020

Dear Parishioner,

We trust that you are all well since we were last in contact with you. We are now in a position to brief you on the latest developments arising from the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Reopening of Churches
After being closed for 15 Sundays, we are delighted to be able to officially confirm that arising from the change in Govemment Regulations, we are now able to resume church services next Sunday 5th July, the Fourth Sunday after Trinity.

The schedule for the first two weeks will be as follows:

Sunday 5th July
Castletownroche 10.00am        Morning Prayer Avril Gubbins
Doneraile 10.00am                    Holy Communion Rev Tony Murphy
Mallow 11.45am                          Holy Communion Canon Alan Marley

Sunday 12th July
Castletownroche 10.00am       Holy Communion Canon Alan Marley
Doneraile 10.00am                    Morning Prayer Avril Gubbins
Mallow 11.45am                          Morning Prayer Emmanuel Adebisi

We will do our best to keep you informed about services from week to week. To that end, it is hoped to do this by email and WhatsApp where possible.

While the regulations introduced by the Government since March were in order to protect our health from the Covid 19 Virus, we do recognize that the cancellation of Church Services was difficult for many people. However, we wish to acknowledge the alternative supports put in place in our Union of Parishes and in the Diocese to offer spiritual support during this period. As church services resume, we have developed steps to assist in the protection against the virus while in attendance.

Accompanying this letter is a separate page outlining the precautions that need to be taken in the Church to keep us all safe while the threat of the virus remains.

Our Church Wardens have been fully briefed on the new procedures and will be available to advise you if there is any difficulty.

Events & Activities
Further to the good news of the churches reopening there are some other developments that have arisen as a result of the virus.

Annual Fete
Unfortunately, we have decided not to hold our annual fete in August as there is still too much uncertainty about the holding of these kind of events.

Christmas Concerts
While the concerts are held at the end of the year, they require the booking of acts at the present time. Due to the uncertainty about the number of people who would be allowed attend, we have reluctantly decided not to hold our Christmas concerts this year. This will avoid any costs incurred if the acts had to be cancelled at a later stage.

Parish Finances
We wish to thank everyone who have responded to our reminder to contribute to our Parish Finances. It has been greatly appreciated, especially when everything came to a standstill at short notice. The cancellation of our fund-raising activities and, of course, church services have reduced significantly our overall income of the parish. ‘We would ask you to bear this in mind and contribute in whatever way you can to maintain our income during this difficult time.

We look forward to our Churches being open on Sunday 5th July 2020.

Linda Deane
On behalf of the Vestry of Ma1low Union of Parishes
Co. Cork
086 8185290
lindadeane@hotmail. com

Before you come to a Church Service

Check to make sure you do not have any symptoms of Covid-19:

o High temperature 38°C or above
o Cough
o Runny nose
o Unusual level of fatigue
o Aches or pains
o Shortness of breath

If you have any of the symptoms, stay at home and we would suggest you contact your GP.

If you or anyone in your household have had recent contact with anyone who has tested positively for Covid-19, again do not attend until 14 days have elapsed.

At the Church

Face covering

We would encourage all those attending to wear face masks (unless you have been told by a doctor not to wear one for medical reasons). The virus is spread through sneeze or cough droplets – a facemask stops the spread of the virus. It is a sign of care and respect for each other that we would wear one.  If you would like to purchase a mask in aid of parish funds, Ellen Buckley has made lots of masks and these are available to buy at the Churches. They cost €5 and are reusable and washable.


When you arrive at the church, you may be asked to queue. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the 2 metre social distancing as you would recently have done going into shops etc. The reason for possible queuing is to avoid bottlenecks at the hand sanitizer stations

Temperature test

Your temperature will be taken with an infrared thermometer to ensure it is not above 38°C. If it is above this, you will be asked to not enter the Church

Hand sanitizers

You will be asked to sanitize your hands, both on entry and exit of the Church and also when going for Holy Communion


With the requirement of social distancing, you will be directed to a pew so that we can seat people quickly, efficiently and at the correct level of social distancing. People from the same households will be asked to sit together, others at the requisite 2 metres apart


The present advice is that hymn singing is not advised because of the airborne nature of the virus


There will not be a collection plate passed around the church, but there will be a basket/plate at a fixed point for your contributions

Good hygiene practice

If you sneeze, do so into your flexed elbow. If you use a tissue (bring your own), please dispose of them in the covered bins on the way out of Church

Contact tracing

The law requires that contact tracing is put in place. If it emerges that someone falls ill with Covid-19, it is important to know who that person was in contact with and when. To that end, a record of attendance will be in place.




At the end of the service, you will be asked to remain in your seat until directed to leave – again this is to stop bottlenecks at the exits.

After the service there will be no tea/coffee and please avoid congregating at church doors. Always keep the 2 metres social distancing.

Thank you for your patience and co-operation